Brazed plate heat exchangers

Making heat pumps more efficient and sustainable – launching Alfa Laval AC65 (branded features teaser video)

Introducing the new Alfa Laval AC65 brazed plate heat exchanger – specially optimized as an evaporator for residential heat pump applications.

The tall, thin design of the AC65 creates a high thermal-length, which guarantees that the unit is not only a highly-effective evaporator, but is also a great condenser for reversible heat pumps. 

A few unique key features give the AC65 its edge. The first is FlexFLowTM, a unique, asymmetric plate design that makes it possible to minimize the evaporator’s refrigerant charge, lowering the overall cost of applications that use synthetic refrigerants. In applications that use propane – a natural, low-GWP refrigerant that is a growing trend – this feature is even more critical, since the amount of propane that can be used in a single unit is strictly limited.  

Asymmetric design also reduces the pressure drop on the secondary side, making it possible to use a smaller pump and less electricity. 

The second important feature of the AC65 is the DynaStaticTM distribution system. 

DynaStatic TM is the latest distribution system developed by Alfa Laval. This technology allows Alfa Laval to tailor the geometry of the distributor, making it possible to adapt the AC65 to future trends and future customer needs, including changes in application requirements, new refrigerants, or any other requests. Together with the high-thermal-length design of the AC65, it also accounts for the high efficiency of the evaporator, since it ensures that the gas-and-liquid mixture that goes into the unit is distributed properly along the plates. 

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