Alfa Laval Net zero launch event #5

108 views 2024.01.05.

If you missed out on the live broadcast of Alfa Laval’s Net zero launch event #5 in November...


Alfa Laval PCHE Optibond - A robust and compact solution...

912 views 2019.05.22.

State-of-the-art diffusion bonding technology provides the highest durability and thermal...

Gasketed plate heat exchangers

Partnering to scale-up green Hydrogen with NEL

85 views 2023.11.20.

Unlocking potential through collaboration: NEL Hydrogen, a pioneering force in #electrolyser and...


The ALF - automatically self-cleaning filters

322 views 2023.11.03.

ALF is used mainly to protect heat exchangers from clogging, fouling and corrosion in various...


Packinox in HDS

170 views 2023.10.27.

Alfa Laval Packinox is the perfect feed-effluent heat exchanger for middle-distillates...


Plate wash animation

107 views 2023.10.17.

Gasketed plate heat exchangers

How to save, by turning your chiller off, during winter...

109 views 2023.10.11.

How to save, by turning your chiller off, during winter months? Save electricity, money and...


Join Alfa Laval's Net zero launch event #5!

236 views 2023.10.10.

Alfa Laval is back to introduce new innovations and insights within energy efficiency, clean...


Liquid cooling for data centers saves costs

141 views 2023.08.09.

Liquid cooling can help data centers save up to 30% of their cooling energy costs, while reducing...


Teaser: How to specify HEX | Virtual training event

183 views 2023.08.03.

Join us for a virtual training session on "How to properly specify a heat exchanger" with Tracey...


Alfa Laval Net-zero launch event #4

740 views 2023.07.06.

If you missed out on the live broadcast of Alfa Laval’s Net-zero launch event #4 in June 2023,...


In partnership with SSAB for fossil-free steel

99 views 2023.06.28.

Concept Zero is Alfa Laval’s new initiative to produce the world’s first carbon neutral heat...


Zero Liquid Discharge – Reuse water, recover value

168 views 2023.06.29.

Demand for ZLD solutions is on the rise, meeting today’s increasing need for circular solutions....