Gasketed plate heat exchangers

High performance, low energy consumption with Alfa Laval...

10 views 2021.04.16.

The Alfa Laval TK20 semi-welded gasketed plate heat exchanger is optimized to deliver the best in...

Gasketed plate heat exchangers

Refrigeration experts from Bort de Graaf turned to Alfa...

6 views 2021.04.16.

Learn why refrigeration experts Bort de Graaf have chosen Alfa Laval semi-welded technology for...

Gasketed plate heat exchangers

U-turn – a module for ammonia applications

8 views 2021.04.16.

This video introduces Alfa Laval's patent protected plug-and-play module for flooded ammonia...

Gasketed plate heat exchangers

Chiller Condenser Protection

40 views 2021.03.26.

With a plate heat exchanger working as an interchanger you save in chiller operating costs.


Partnerships to accelerate sustainable solutions

357 views 2021.03.22.

The need to accelerate sustainability has never been greater. And strong, long-term collaboration...


Energy Efficiency is a win-win solution

243 views 2021.03.08.

Meet Julien Gennetier, VP of the Energy Division here at Alfa Laval and one of the foremost...


Accelerating sustainable solutions

171 views 2021.03.08.

With a foundation built on decades of experience, Alfa Laval possesses unique competencies for...


Accelerating sustainable solutions through Energy efficiency

95 views 2021.03.05.

Every kW of energy saved is just as valuable as producing one new kW of clean energy. At Alfa...

Gasketed plate heat exchangers

Data Center sustainability metrics

121 views 2021.03.11.

How can sustainability in a Data centers be measured? For years the industry has been using Power...


Explorer tool for separators.mp4

42 views 2021.01.14.

You can improve your filtration or separation process significantly with centrifugal separation....


Unboxing of a Major Service Kit - MAB 104

79 views 2020.11.26.

Unboxing an Alfa Laval major service kit for an MAB 104 disc stack separator. Alfa Laval Service...

Brazed plate heat exchangers

New Alfa Laval BHE factory in San Bonifacio Italy

1,956 views 2020.11.23.

Where will you find the future of efficiency? Start looking in San Bonifacio, Italy – the new...

Spiral heat exchangers

Alfa Laval welded spiral heat exchangers – Look at the...

275 views 2020.10.14.

When choosing critical process equipment like a welded spiral heat exchanger, it’s important to...