Alfa Laval Compabloc+ Service that keeps you growing

61 views 2020.03.18.

Compabloc+ was engineered with simple service at the top of mind. Like all Compabloc units, it...


Alfa Laval Compabloc+ Improve your process sustainability

107 views 2020.03.18.

Compabloc + is the ideal heat exchanger when working with challenging duties, such as...


Alfa Laval Compabloc+ Trust in proven performance

75 views 2020.03.18.

Compabloc+ takes all the proven advantages of the classic Compabloc design and combines them with...


Alfa Laval Compabloc+ The performance you expect and so...

67 views 2020.03.18.

With Alfa Laval Compabloc+, the efficient, cost-effective and reliable performance of the...

Finned tube air heat exchangers

Alfa Laval Vspeed – Automatic fan-speed adjustment for...

115 views 2020.03.03.

The Alfa Laval Vspeed is a magnetically modulated, variable fan drive, which automatically...


Alfie 500 - Exchange of the O-Rings - Intermediate Service

33 views 2020.02.26.

This video shows how to exchange the O-Rings on an Alfie 500. This should be done at least once a...


Alfie 500 - Cleaning of the bowl

30 views 2020.02.26.

This video shows how to clean the Alfie 500. This has to be done to get accumulated solid...


Long-lasting cutting efficiency through sustainable...

103 views 2020.02.13.

Case: Alfa Laval, Eskilstuna, Sweden


Manufacturing of word-leading separators

25 views 2020.02.13.

The Alfa Laval Eskilstuna factory


Alfa Laval Niagara WSAC - How it works

176 views 2020.02.12.

This animation demonstrates the working principle of the Alfa Laval Niagara Wet Surface Air...


Safe and Sustainable Tailings Management using Solid Bowl...

32 views 2020.02.10.

Alfa Laval Mining & Minerals Industry Manager, Amol Chinchankar, discuss several alternative...

Gasketed plate heat exchangers

Optimizing your data center cooling with plate heat...

448 views 2020.01.31.

Protect your white space and enable a greener data center operation with plate heat exchangers....

Gasketed plate heat exchangers

Data center cooling - ensuring reliable efficiency over time

270 views 2020.01.31.

Alfa Laval maximizes your uptime with world-leading experts on chemistry and materials technology...

Gasketed plate heat exchangers

The future of Green IT starts today

385 views 2020.01.31.

As data centers focus on building a “greener” internet, improving the energy efficiency of...


Savings on all sides through sustainable oil separation

93 views 2020.01.29.

Case: Outokumpu, Torshälla, Sweden