Brazed plate heat exchangers

New Alfa Laval AC540 – high capacity cooling optimized for the low-GWP and natural refrigerants of your choice

Introducing the new Alfa Laval AC540 family of brazed plate heat exchangers – four new high-efficiency models, designed to work with the low-GWP refrigerant of your choice.

Environmental concerns and legislation aimed at addressing climate change are challenging the HVAC industry to increase its focus on enhanced performance and improved energy  efficiency and to rethink its choice of refrigerants. 

Increasing the use of low-GWP refrigerants, including natural refrigerants such as propane and HFOs such as R32, is one key aspect of addressing climate impact. Another important aspect is reducing the energy required per unit of cooling. The AC540 family is targeted to do both, in a kW range designed to meet the requirements of system builders.

CO2 is also gaining prominence in the market, having become the norm in commercial refrigeration applications, such as in supermarkets, and also has benefits in other applications, including large-capacity chillers and large heat pumps. 

The Alfa Laval AC540 family of brazed plate heat exchangers was designed to meet these challenges

In terms of size, capacity and place within our offering, the AC540 family falls between the AC502 and the AC1000 and is ideal for use with multiple scroll chillers from 250-800kW. It is 750 mm high and 400 mm wide and works with a wide range of high-density, low-GWP refrigerants.

The AC540 family incorporates unique, cutting-edge features, including DynaStaticTM distribution, which can be optimized for a specific application and refrigerant, and IceSafe, which helps our customers manage freezing. The 540 family also features FlexFlow TM and PressureSecure, which enables reliable operation even at very high pressures.