Brazed plate heat exchangers

Making heat pumps more efficient and sustainable – launching Alfa Laval AC65 (total efficiency teaser video)

Every year, Alfa Laval supplies millions of extremely cost-competitive heat exchangers to the boiler market; as well as hundreds of thousands of high-performance, premium-quality heat exchangers to the heat pump market. However, the heating world has begun a rapid, dramatic transformation. Boilers are gradually being phased out in favour of heat pumps. This shift is creating an increasing demand for heat exchangers optimized for use with heat pumps, including Alfa Laval’s latest innovation, the AC65, which delivers what Alfa Laval refers to as: total efficiency.

Total efficiency includes:
• Thermal efficiency. The performance of the AC65 is unrivalled. Heat pumps designed using the AC65 as an evaporator can reach COPs above 4.5 at nominal conditions.

• Development efficiency. The compact design of the AC65 makes it ideal for residential heat pumps, and it is ready to handle new low-GWP refrigerants, including propane.

• Process efficiency. High production capacity keeps the AC65 cost-competitive, while still meeting the highest quality standards.

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