The invisible revolution 

A heat exchanger is a heat exchanger, right? Could you tell the difference? At Alfa Laval, we are committed to do our part in enabling a decarbonized future. With a commitment of becoming carbon neutral by 2030 we aim to eliminate emissions from our products, from raw material extraction to end-of-life.

Concept Zero is a crucial step on this journey, pushing the boundaries to develop a truly carbon-neutral plate heat exchanger with no misleading schemes. Together with SSAB we are making this a reality. Compared to our current ones; it looks the same, you cannot spot the difference. Once ready and delivered these heat exchangers will be installed in industrial processes that matters to most but are basically not visible. 

Concept Zero is our vision and target to produce the world’s first carbon neutral heat exchanger by 2030. It will be a heat exchanger using fossil-free steel and recycled material in the gaskets. Additionally, the heat exchanger is prepared to easily be recycled. A huge step already now on our journey towards a fully carbon neutral heat exchanger. 

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