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WSAC Tip 1 - Ensure water quality

105 views 2023.04.13.

Ensure proper water treatment and blowdown.


WSAC Tip 2 - Check the water level

103 views 2023.04.13.

Make sure the spray-water pressure and the basin’s water level are correct. Adjust the float...


WSAC Tip 3 - Clean pump screens

112 views 2023.04.13.

Check spray pump screens for debris and clean as necessary.


WSAC Tip 4 - Verify temperatures

119 views 2023.04.13.

Check process temperatures and pressures – inlet and outlet.


WSAC Tip 5 - Clean tube surfaces

66 views 2023.04.13.

Check the tube surfaces for debris and scale. Clean as necessary.


WSAC Tip 6 - Check spray nozzles

71 views 2023.04.13.

Check spray nozzles to ensure good spray coverage. Contact Alfa Laval Niagara Service for...


WSAC Tip 7 - Inspect rotating equipment

53 views 2023.04.13.

Check rotating equipment (fans, motors, pump skid) for noise or excessive heat. Lubricate motors...


WSAC Tip 8 - Check the electrical system

46 views 2023.04.13.

Have a trained professional check the electrical system periodically.


WSAC Tip 9 - Keep critical spares in stock

52 views 2023.04.13.

Maintain stock of essential spare parts with long lead times.


WSAC Tip 10 - Perform regular audits

52 views 2023.04.13.

Let an Alfa Laval Niagara equipment specialist perform regular condition audits to optimize...


Alfa Laval Niagara WSAC - How it works

5,715 views 2020.02.12.

This animation demonstrates the working principle of the Alfa Laval Niagara Wet Surface Air...


Effective and efficient cooling with Alfa Laval...

33,311 views 2019.08.22.

The secret behind the effective and efficient cooling in the Alfa Laval Niagara wet surface air...